About Me

 My name is VyVy (pronounced vee-vee). Hailing from Anaheim, California, I fell in love with acting in the eighth grade, when my teacher Mr. Gaston encouraged me to audition for the school play. I graduated with a BA in theatre from the University of Southern California and also studied abroad with the British American Drama Academy (BADA). I have been fortunate over the years to act in plays, commercials, and films, playing such diverse roles as English reporters, Vietnamese manicurists, French students, and aliens not of this world.

Fun Facts:

  • Some of my nicknames include Veevs, Vyster, Vye-Vye, Lunchables, and Cakes
  • I have a cockatiel named Beethoven
  • My first job was working as a hostess in Tomorrowland at Disneyland
  • I drive an Oasis Blue Chevy Bolt
  • I am a strong proponent of the Oxford comma


Adam Liebross / Brianna Ancel
Clear Talent Group

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Arise Artists Agency

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Don Buchwald & Associates

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